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Leaders in the Industry

You are who you surround yourself with

As a startup in the world of Healthcare, we know how important it is to build strong B2B relationships. That is why we take our time when building our intra-network of health providers & hospitality providers so that when you visit them, we will know you are in the very best care. 

Our Vetting System

Our vetting process: 

Step1 Verification of school records for degrees earned and residency programs completed

Step 2 Licensing board checks to ensure current licensing

Step 3 Review of any medical malpractice claims

Step 4 Making sure Hotel /Resort service complies with the highest social & environmental standards on the market

We work for you 

Our primary purpose is your health. No matter what the circumstance, you will always come first. That means during your time with us, we will make sure of it that your every healthcare need will be accounted for.  

Case Studies 

"G." was staying in Thailand for an extended vacation. During her time there she wanted to to a 3 day Detox in a Health Spa. She was in remission from cancer so it had to be a clinic that was specialized with the understanding of her requirements. RH set up a 1:1 consultation gathering her health data information. From the provided information RH was able to set her up with a 3 day fasting detox, and and all inclusive stay in a suite at off market prices. She enjoyed the service so much that she trusted us with a search in EU for rhinoplasty & blepharoplasty surgery. 

"H" was experiencing chest pains & was worried about having a heart attack. After being advised to see a Cardiologist in London,U.K. he contacted us. RH gathered all needed patient information though a private 1:1 consult. We then did an in-depth logistical search returning three Cardiology Specialist's with all stats for him to choose from. Once he had made his selection we went ahead to book an appointment at his desired time.   

"A Family of 3" were ending their vacation in the British countryside  preparing to leave the country in 3 days. Everywhere they looked they couldn't find a COVID Testing Facility that would be able to accommodate to their needs in order to travel internationally. Within 2 hrs, RH was able to do a logistical search & provide Nursing Services that were able to travel to them with needed tests to be leave the UK without any hassle. 

"GB" was to leave the UK within two days on preparation for a month adventure in the EU. He was suffering from GI discomfort & wanted be be assessed in his home country before traveling just in case further medical attention was required. RH was able to do a local search in central London resulting in getting him an appointment with a GI Specialist within 24hrs at one of the best hospitals in the UK, making sure that he wouldn't miss his trip! 

Image by Luke Stackpoole
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