5 Top Destinations For Health Care Travel

Affordable healthcare isn’t a myth anymore. More and more people are realizing healthcare is available at a fraction of the cost in different countries around the world, a growing number of patients are opting to take advantage of what’s known as medical tourism.

Below you will find some interesting facts on what we believe are 5 destinations that are some of the most popular, all for different reasons:

1. America - #1 destination in the world for medical procedures performed anywhere in the world. In 2017 the American Association For Plastic Surgery stated that there were over 7.2 million minimally invasive procedures performed nationwide.

2. Thailand - Known as "The Land Of Smiles" last year (2017) foreign medical patients made 3.3 million visits to Thai Hospitals, with 2.4 million for medical procedures. There were also 900,000 visits by expats that live there because of the very affordable health care services.

3. Mexico - Did you know several private U.S. Hospital Chains own and run hospitals in Mexico? Did you also know that some Health Insurance companies will cover costs in foreign countries and pay for the coverage of the entire trip because it also saves them money? To give you an idea of prices, in San Miguel a tummy tuck will cost you $6,000 (average) compared to $8,800 (average) in America. A facelift will cost $8,300 in Mexico as in America it will average around $12,500. A good dental implant will cost you over $3,000 in America and the same procedure in Mexico costs roughly $1,750.

4. India- India's medical travel industry is growing rapidly at a 25% percent growth rate annually (2018). Advanced facilities, low language barrier matched with skilled doctors, and low cost of treatment have made India a popular hub of medical tourism.

5. Malaysia - More than 80 percent of all medical tourists in the world traveled to Malaysia in 2012. It is by far one of the most popular destinations in the world for medical tourism. The saving for most procedures comes in at 50%. Some of the most popular treatments available include cosmetic surgery, dental work, and dermatology.

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